FPGA Developer

Chicago, IL

We are looking for FPGA Engineers to accelerate various portions of our trading platform.  Members of the Hardware Development team will work with the latest high-performance FPGA technology and computing architectures to increase the performance of Akuna's trading systems. No prior financial industry experience is required.

What you’ll do as a FPGA Developer at Akuna:

  • Optimize the system at a low level (gates and wires) as well as a high level (algorithms and architecture)
  • Interact with Software Developers and Traders to engineer systems that will best enhance our ability to trade and provide liquidity to the marketplace
  • Have direct input in the design process, efficiently and effectively implement those designs, and use unit/component and system level tests to verify and validate the system

Qualities that make great candidates:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer or Electrical Engineering, or related field
  • Strong Verilog or VHDL skills
  • SystemVerilog experience
  • Understanding of algorithms & data structures
  • Verification and unit testing
  • Experience using simulation tools
  • Timing analysis and optimization
  • Must have experience with Python and BASH scripting
  • Excellent problem solving skills and critical thinking ability
  • Ability to engineer solutions within the context of a larger system
  • Experience with synthesis and place and route tools

Location: Chicago, IL

Department: Development