FPGA Developer

Chicago, IL

We are looking for Experienced FPGA Engineers to accelerate various portions of our trading platform.  Members of the Hardware Development team will work with the latest, high performance FPGA technology and computing architectures to increase the performance of Akuna's trading systems. Hardware Developers will have the opportunity to optimize the system at a low level (gates and wires) as well as a high level (algorithms and architecture).  They will also interact with Software Developers and Traders to engineer systems that will best enhance our ability to trade and provide liquidity to the marketplace.  We expect Hardware Developers to have direct input in the design process, to efficiently and effectively implement those designs, and to use unit/component and system level tests to verify and validate the system.  No prior financial industry experience is required. 

Key experience we would like you have:

  • Strong Verilog or VHDL skills
  • System Verilog experience
  • Understanding of algorithms & data structures
  • Verification and unit testing
  • Experience using Simulation tools
  • Timing analysis and optimization
  • Must have experience with Python and BASH scripting

Qualities that make great candidates:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer or Electrical Engineering, or related field
  • Excellent problem solving skills and critical thinking ability
  • Ability to engineer solutions within the context of a larger system
  • Experience with synthesis and place and route tools


Location: Chicago, IL

Department: Development